Zettai! Muteki! Raijin-Oh Songs Lyrics

Zettai! Muteki! Raijin-Oh Songs Lyrics


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Zettai! Muteki! Raijin-Oh Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Zettai! Muteki! Raijin-Oh


Released on year:2005

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:26


In a sudden twist of fate, our beloved Earth finds itself under a wicked siege from the nefarious empire, Jaaku. But fear not, as a glimmer of hope emanates from our very planet, prepared to take on the iniquitous invaders. Enter the mighty Raijin Oh, a formidable combatant operated by the enigmatic Eldran, who has tirelessly safeguarded our world since time immemorial. Alas, Eldran suffers a grievous injury during an intense battle, resulting in the tragic fall of Raijin-Oh to Earth's surface. Sensing an opportunity, Jaaku strategically scatters their deadly arsenal, the Aku-Darmer, across the globe. Meanwhile, within the hallowed halls of Youshou Elementary School, an extraordinary tale unfolds. Amidst their regular studies, the bright young minds of the 5th-grade class, under the tutelage of their dedicated teachers, are bestowed with an unexpected responsibility. Entrusted with the Raijin Medal by the vanishing Eldran himself, these courageous students are now tasked with the noble duty of saving Earth from its impending doom. And so, against all odds, the Earth Defense Agency takes shape, a formidable alliance forged by the indomitable spirits of these remarkable children. Their camaraderie, determination, and unyielding sense of justice will propel them forward on an extraordinary journey to restore peace and protect our cherished planet.