Zoids Songs Lyrics

ゾイド -ZOIDS-
Zoids Songs Lyrics


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Zoids Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:ゾイド -ZOIDS-


Released on year:2004

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


Deep within the desolate expanse of Planet Zi, a young prodigious explorer by the name of Van unearths an abandoned, decaying facility. Within its crumbling walls, a mysterious cocoon awaits its liberation. Miraculously, the cocoon cracks open autonomously, revealing a magnificent, dinosaur-like mechanized powerhouse known as an "Organoid." Instantaneously captivated by this awe-inspiring creation, Van affectionately christens it Zeke and claims it as his own. However, their newfound bond is swiftly jeopardized by a gang of ruthless renegades hungry to pilfer the coveted Organoid for themselves. Armed with the formidable "Zoids" - menacing mechanical beasts meant for battle - these villains unleash their relentless pursuit upon our determined protagonist. Undeterred, Van valiantly resists his relentless pursuers, enlisting the assistance of an antiquated Zoid christened the "Shield Liger." With this ferocious fusion at his disposal, Van triumphantly repels the bandits, reclaiming his autonomy once more. Returning to the enigmatic facility, Van's heart races with anticipation as he stumbles upon yet another mysterious cocoon. This time, however, a breathtaking young maiden emerges instead. Bewildered and plagued by fragmented memories, she only recalls her given name - Fiona - and an arduous mission to locate a sought-after relic called the "Zoid Eve." A relentless thirst for answers propels Fiona, Van, and Zeke into an epic chronicle, as they embark on an extraordinary expedition to unravel the enigma surrounding the elusive Zoid Eve. Along their perilous odyssey, this intrepid trio encounters a tapestry of allies and adversaries, unveiling hidden truths, braving dangers, and savoring fleeting moments of lighthearted respite as they traverse this captivating world.