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ZOIDS Genesis Lyrics
Title: ZOIDS Genesis
Released on year:2005
Released in:Spring
Num Episodes:50


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Natural disasters have destroyed planet Zi and have killed almost all of life. A thousand years later, humans restored civilization slowly, saving ancient zoids by diving and mining efforts. In a village whose most recent object is a giant sword they worship as a symbol of holiness. A teenage boy finds an ancient Zoid of the Liger type while on an operation of deep water salvage. Immediately, skeletal Bio-Zoids are invading the village in an effort to steal a powerful generator located in the village. Our teenage hero wakes up the Liger and learns that the sacred sword of the town is the Liger's weapon, they fight against the enigmatic Bio-Zoids together.

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About ZOIDS Genesis

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Zoids Genesis ( ゾむドジェネシス, Zoido Jeneshisu ) is the Zoids franchise's fourth Anime chapter. It tells the story of Ruuji Familon, a young boy who, during a rescue mission, finds a Liger-type Zoid. Initially, Bio-Raptor Bio-Zoids attacks the village, and later on a Bio-Megaraptor. Ruuji takes the Murasame Liger Zoid after the village generator is destroyed in battle, and leaves the village next to Ra-Kan and Rei Mii to find a mechanic generator or the village will be lost. Ruuji discovers through his journey that he will fight against Digald. It aired from April 2005 to March 2006 on TV Tokyo.
The series was revealed in July 2006 to debut as part of Toonami Jetstream, an online web streaming service featuring existing Toonami shows and all-new ones.

As of August 2007, Viz Media had already approved the show[1]. Toonami Jetstream, however, was removed from the internet shortly after the removal of the Toonami television block, so it's unclear whether Zoids: Genesis will ever get a North American release, online or otherwise. Nevertheless, it has been seen on a variety of markets outside the USA..

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