ZOIDS Genesis Songs Lyrics

ZOIDS Genesis Songs Lyrics


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ZOIDS Genesis Songs
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Anime Information

Title:ZOIDS Genesis


Released on year:2014

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


Planet Zi, once a thriving habitat, now lies decimated by catastrophic natural disasters that wiped out almost all life. A millennium later, humanity's indomitable spirit has allowed civilization to slowly resurface amidst the remnants of this barren wasteland. Through relentless diving and mining efforts, we have managed to salvage ancient Zoids, enigmatic robotic beasts that hold the key to our survival. Deep within a humble village, whose sole revered relic is an awe-inspiring colossal sword, stands a tale of unparalleled discovery. A young protagonist, brimming with curiosity, embarks on a daring underwater salvage operation, unveiling a long-forgotten Liger-type Zoid. But fate, as it often does, has other plans. In a twisted turn of events, the village finds itself under attack from skeletal Bio-Zoids, relentless creatures driven by an insatiable hunger for a powerful generator hidden within. Awakening the dormant power within the enigmatic Liger, our valiant teenage hero is enlightened. The sacred sword of the village, held in deep reverence, proves to be the very weapon wielded by this majestic machine. United against the nefarious Bio-Zoids, they engage in a fierce battle, determined to safeguard their home. But darkness looms on the horizon, and their fight is far from over...