Zoids Shin Seiki / Zero Songs Lyrics

Zoids Shin Seiki / Zero Songs Lyrics


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Zoids Shin Seiki / Zero Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Zoids Shin Seiki / Zero

Also Called:ゾイド新世紀スラッシュゼロ


Released on year:2008

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


Zoids—formidable mechs fashioned after mighty animals—have transitioned from tools of warfare to captivating contenders in organized sporting spectacles. Enter the Blitz Team, a tenacious troupe of pilots striving to establish their presence in the exhilarating Zoid battling arena. However, their fortunes take an unexpected turn when a serendipitous encounter unites them with Bit Cloud, a resourceful merchant of mechanical scraps who astonishingly exhibits the prowess to navigate the unpredictable realms of the Liger Zero, a fiercely independent Zoid that resists yielding its controls to all others. Guided by Bit's audacious spirit and bolstered by the indomitable Liger, the Blitz Team embarks on an arduous ascent towards glory—yet destiny intertwines their journey with the menacing Backdraft Group, a clandestine organization of renegade Zoid pilots defying the regulations prescribed by the esteemed Zoid Battle Commission. Driven by their voracious appetite for dominance, the Backdraft sets their sights on the extraordinary Liger Zero, seeking to claim its unmatched power for their own nefarious ends...