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Zone of the Enders Lyrics
Title: Zone of the Enders
Also Called:Z.O.E.
Released on year:2001
Num Episodes:1


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E.Z. 2167 Idolo takes place many years before the events of the show Z.O.E Dolores, i, and focuses on the "Deimos Attack," an act of terrorism by revolutionaries in Mars.

The Radium and Viola pilots of the BAHRAM army are the best in their class and have been selected to do spearhead research on a new form of weapon; Mars hopes this weapon can save them from the tyranny of the UNSF. A new device called the "Orbital Frame" is powered by an incredibly rare and powerful energy source known as the Metatron Ore.


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Zone of the Enders ( ゾーン オブ エンダーズ, Zōn obu Endāzu ZONE OF ENDERS ) is a Konami-created video-game franchise focusing on space battle with mecha called Orbital Frames. In March 2001 the original Enders Zone was released for the PlayStation 2. A sequel, Enders Zone: The 2nd Runner was released in 2003 for the same program. In 2012, the two games were re-released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in high definition as the Enders HD Collection Zone. Enders Zone: The Fist of Mars released in 2001 for Game Boy Advance. Enders zone: 2167 Idolo, an original video animation which was released in March 2001.Z.O.E.
Dolores, a twenty-six episode anime television series, I ran from April to September 2001.


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