A Channel Songs Lyrics

A Channel Songs Lyrics


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A Channel Songs
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Anime Information

Title:A Channel


Released on year:2017

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


It's the not-too-distant future. Goryoukan Academy, a newly established girls' private school, has a new look. This school has a special unit called Fifth Force, which is made up of students from the school and is tasked with fighting an enemy known as O'bli.
This is a story about the Strikers, a group of girls who have found love, courage, and friendship.


A-Channel (also known as The Alberta Channel) was a Canadian television network that was owned by Craig Media from 1997 to 2004, and then by CHUM Limited through A-Channel, Inc. from 2004 to 2005. It was Craig's failed attempt to build a national network, and it consisted of Craig's television stations in Winnipeg, Calgary, and Edmonton. On August 2, 2005, CHUM Limited merged Craig Media's television broadcasting assets into CHUM's flagship television network Citytv, after acquiring Craig Media's television broadcasting assets in 2004 (resulting in Craig's re-incorporation as Craig Wireless). The A-Channel name was also transferred to the NewNet stations in Southern Ontario and Vancouver Island on the same day, which are now operated by Bell Media under the CTV 2 banner. Rogers Sports & Media now owns the three original Craig Media A-Channel (now Citytv) stations.