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GLAY Ryuusei no Howl Ace of the Diamond Act II (S3) Opening 2 Lyrics

Ryuusei no Howl Lyrics

From the AnimeAce of the Diamond Diamond no Ace | Daiya no Ace | Ace of Diamond | Dia no A | Diamond no Ace: Act II | ダイヤのA[エース]

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Kodoku no fuchi ni tatazumi nagara
Yume o motomete mata uragirare
Itsu made mate ba deaeru
Kono setsuna sa wa doko made mo tsuzuku

Aimai na hikari wa hora sono shōnen o
Itsu ka jibun o hokoreru made wa
Idomitsuzukeru yo Diamond days

Koko kara subete o dashitsukuse
Kyō ga ashita o kaerunara
A lucky star
Mukuwarenu kimi no koe hosoku
Tashika na koto wa hitotsu dake
You're my star (oh oh oh oh)

[Full Version Continues]

"mō inoru hitsuyō mo nai " to itte
Saigo no bamen maku ga agareba
Nagare hajimeru ase ni
Omoide kasanaru shiruetto

Yasashi sa ni se o muke sō naita hi mo
Tsukareta shintai yokotae mo sezu
Furishiboru natsu no koe summer ace

Life is a game sairen nariowaru toki
Dare mo ga hakanai nagareboshi
Unlucky star
Mekurenai pēji kun no sutōrī
Dare ni mo yomarezu ni tojite
Falling star

Kimi to deatta toki no manazashi ga itoshī
Tomoyo mō īyo kore ijō wa muri shinakute ī

Zankokuna monodanenā me ni utsuru subete
Itsuka yakume o oeteyukunara
Utsukushiku moe hateru hō ga ī

You're my star subete o dashi tsukuse
Yarazu ni kōkai suru nonara
Unlucky star
Seishun no owari ni tashikana koto wa
hitotsu dake
You're my star


Standing on the edge of solitude
I was betrayed again in search of my dream.
How long can I wait to meet you?
This pain will last forever.

Obscure glory changes the boy
Until one day I can be proud of myself.
I will continue to challenge the diamond days

Get everything out of here.
If today changes the future
Unlucky star
Your unrequited voice is thin and only one thing is certain
You're my star (oh oh oh oh)

[FULL version only]

I said, I don't need to pray anymore.
When the curtain rises on the final scene
To the sweat that starts to flow
Memories overlapping silhouettes

There was a day when
I turned my back on kindness.
Tired body without lying down
Squeeze the voice of the summer ace

Life is a game when the siren ends
Everyone's a fleeting shooting star.
Unlucky star
A page that doesn't turn over your story
Close it without being read by anyone.
Falling star

I love the look I saw when I met you.
My friend, that's enough. you don't have to force yourself any more.

It's cruel, isn't it? Everything you see
If you end your role someday
It's better to burn it out beautifully.

You're my star.
If you regret not doing it
Unlucky star
Only one thing is certain at the end of youth
You're my star



曖昧な栄光は その少年を変えてく
挑み続けるよ diamond days

Unlucky star
報われぬ君の声細く 確かな事は1つだけ
You're my star (oh oh
oh oh)


最後の場面 幕が上がれば
想い出 重なるシルエット

優しさに背を向け そう泣いた日もあったよな
疲れた身体 横たえもせず
振り絞る夏の声 summer ace

Life is a game
Unlucky star
めくれないページ 君のストーリー
Falling star

君と出会った時の 眼差しが愛おしい
友よ もういいよ これ以上は無理しなくていい

残酷なものだね なぁ 目に映る全ては

You're my star 全てを出し尽せ
Unlucky star
青春の終わりに 確かな事は1つだけ
You're my star

Ace of the Diamond Ryuusei no Howl Lyrics - Information

Title:Ryuusei no Howl

AnimeAce of the Diamond

Type of Song:Opening

Appears in:Act II (S3) Opening 2

Performed by:GLAY

Arranged by:GLAY, Seiji kameda, DJ Mass MAD Izm

Lyrics by:TAKURO

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Ryuusei no Howl Lyrics - Ace of the Diamond
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Ryuusei no Howl Lyrics - Ace of the Diamond belongs to the anime Ace of the Diamond, take a look at the argument:

In the heart-pounding climax of his middle school baseball career, Eijun Sawamura faced the bitter sting of defeat as his pitch veered off course, missing the eager batter. This setback fueled a fire within him and his teammates, vowing to conquer the national tournament when they reached high school. Little did they know, their destiny was about to be reshaped by an unexpected twist. A revelation awaited Eijun when a discerning scout extended a rare invitation to Tokyo's prestigious Seidou High School, spotting the untapped potential in his unorthodox pitching style. Brimming with determination and fueled by the unwavering support of his comrades, Eijun embraced this surprising opportunity, eager to hone his skills within a fiercely competitive realm of baseball. Yet, this bold new chapter brought forth unforeseen challenges as Eijun found himself immersed amidst a multitude of prodigious talents. Amidst the battlefield of aspirations, he vowed to ascend to the coveted position of the team's ace. However, his ambition faced a formidable rival in the form of Satoru Furuya, a fellow first-year phenom whose lightning-fast fastballs secured him a prestigious place in the starting lineup. Thus, a thrilling interplay of skill, passion, and rivalry ignited within Seidou's hallowed grounds. With the infusion of exceptional talent into an already powerful lineup, the Seidou baseball team embarked on a quest for greatness, setting their sights on supremacy in Japan's gripping baseball landscape. The path to glory was riddled with formidable adversaries, ready to test their mettle and determination at every turn. Will Seidou seize the crown and etch their name as the finest in the nation? Only time will unveil the outcome of this gripping clash of titans.

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If you still want to learn more from the anime of the song Ryuusei no Howl, don't miss this information about Ace of the Diamond:

The highly anticipated Episode 1 of this remarkable anime series debuted with a special screening in Tokyo on September 28, 2013. Soon after, on October 6, 2013, it graced our regular broadcasting channels, captivating audiences far and wide. However, what began as a year-long commitment surprised everyone as the demand for this extraordinary show grew exponentially. The overwhelming response compelled the producers to extend its run, adding an additional two cours to this grand spectacle.

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