Ao Ashi Songs Lyrics

Ao Ashi Songs Lyrics


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Ao Ashi Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Ao Ashi

Also Called:アオアシ


Released on year:2022

Released in:Spring


In the serene outskirts of a quaint rural town, a ray of limelight casts its gaze upon a local junior high school football team, thriving under the leadership of a singular player: Ashito Aoi. Renowned for his enigmatic maneuvers and a playing style embellished with a touch of self-assured flair, Ashito stands as the indomitable force propelling his team towards triumph in a crucial high school preliminary tournament. Alas, their dreams of glory are abruptly shattered when a formidable adversary triggers Ashito's boiling temper, prompting an unfortunate eruption of violence that leads to his premature expulsion from the rest of the game. Deprived of their star player's brilliance, the team's winning streak metamorphoses into a bitter defeat, where hope seems to dissipate like an ethereal illusion. Yet, as despair's embrace tightens its grip, a glimmer of opportunity emerges from an unexpected source. Tatsuya Fukuda, a seasoned coach of a prestigious youth team, perceives an untapped potential within Ashito and extends an invitation for tryouts in the bustling city of Tokyo. Seated amidst an unfamiliar environment teeming with prodigious talent, Ashito embarks on a soul-stirring journey, compelled to unearth the depths of his abilities, striving to manifest a performance that can shape his destiny and secure a life-altering career.