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Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind die

Feuerroter Pfeil und Bogen

Fumareta hana no namae mo shirazu ni
Chi ni ochita tori wa kaze wo machiwabiru
Inotta tokoro de nani mo kawaranai
Ima wo kaeru no wa tatakau kakugo da

Shikabane fumikoete
Susumu ishi wo warau buta yo
Kachiku no annei kyogi no hanei
Shiseru garou no jiyuu o!

Torawareta kutsujoku wa hangeki no koushi
Jouheki no sono kanata emono wo hofuru
Hotobashiru shoudou ni sono mi wo yaki
Tasogare ni hi wo ugatsu guren no yumiya

Ya wo tsugae oikakeru yatsu wa nigasanai
Ya wo hanachi oitsumeru kesshite nigasanai
Genkai made hikishiboru hachikiresou na
Yatsu ga ikitaeru made nando demo hanatsu

Emono wo korosu no wa dougu demo gijutsu
demo nai
Togisumasareta omae jishin no satsui da

Wir sind die Jäger! Honoo no you ni atsuku
Wir sind die Jäger! Kouri no you ni
hiyayaka ni
Wir sind die Jäger! Onore wo ya ni komete
Wir sind die Jäger! Subete wo

Angriff auf die Titanen
Der Junge von einst wird bald zum Schwert

Wer nur seine Machtlosigkeit beklagt kann
nichts verändern
Der Junge von einst wird bald das
Schwarze Schwert ergreifen
Hass und Zorn sind eine zweischneidige
Bald eines Tages wird er dem Schicksal
die Zähne zeigen

Nanika wo kaeru koto ga dekiru no wa
Nanika wo suteru koto ga dekiru mono
Nanihitotsu risuku nado seowanai mama de
Nanika ga kanau nado

Angu no soutei tada no gen'ei
Ima wa mubou na yuuki mo
Jiyuu no senpei kake no kousei
Hashiru dorei ni shouri o!

Kaserareta fujouri wa shingeki no koushi
Ubawareta sono chihei sekai wo nozomu Eren
Tomedonaki shoudou ni sono mi wo okasare
Yoiyami ni shi wo hakobu meifu no yumiya


Are you the food? No, we are the hunter!

Crimson Bow and Arrow

Not knowing the name of the trampled
Birds that have fallen from the sky tire
of waiting upon the wind
Prayers won't change anything
Only the resolve to fight can change the

You pigs who sneer at our will to step
over corpses and march onwards
Enjoy the peace of livestock false
prosperity "freedom" of the dying wolves
that hunger!

The humiliation of entrapment is our cue
to counterattack
Beyond the castle walls lies a hunter
killing his prey
With a surging killer impulse scorching
his body, he pierces the dusk scarlet
With a crimson arrow

Drawing his bow, he takes after his
target; he won't let it escape
Releasing his arrow, he closes upon it;
he won't let it escape
He bends his bow to its limits, the
string on the verge of snapping
He'll release it, time and time again,
until his target draws its last breath

What truly kills a prey are not tools
nor your skills at using it
But your own sharp killing intent

We are the hunter - passionate as
We are the hunter -> cold as ice!
We are the hunter - pour your heart and
soul into your arrow!
We are the hunter - boldly go forth and
pierce through everything!

Attack on the Titans.
The boy from back then will soon take up
the sword.
Who only laments his powerlessness won't
be able to change anything.
The boy from back then will soon take up
the black sword.
Hate and rage are a double-edged blade.
Soon, one day, he will bare his fangs
against fate.

Ones that could hope to change anything
Are ones who could bear to abandon
Without bearing any risk at all, how
could you hope to attain anything?

Foolish assumptions they are but mere
phantasms right now, we could do with
even reckless courage
The advance guards of freedom betting on
their offensive
Victory to the charging slaves!

All this absurdity forced upon us are
our cue to attack
Deprived of his horizon, Eren yearns for
With relentless killer impulse assailing
his body, he carries violet to dusk
With an arrow from Hades


Seid ihr das Essen?
Nein, wir sind die

踏まれた花の 名前も知らずに
地に堕ちた鳥は 風を持ち侘びる

祈ったところで 何も変わらない
《不本意な現状》を変えるのは 戦う覚悟だ...

屍踏み越えて 進む意志を 嗤う豚よ
家畜の安寧 ...虚偽の繁栄

囚われた屈辱は 反撃の←嚆- だ
城壁の其の彼方 獲物を屠る《狩人》
迸る 《殺意》に 其の身を灼きながら


限界まで引き絞る はち切れそう弦
《標的》が息絶えるまで 何度でも放つ

《凶器》でも 技術でもない
研ぎ澄まされた お前自身の殺意だ

Wir sind der Jäger
Wir sind der Jäger
Wir sind der Jäger
Wir sind der Jäger

何ひとつ《危険性》等 背負わないままで

暗愚の想定 ...唯の幻影
「自由」の尖兵 ...賭けの攻勢

架せられた不条理は 進撃の←嚆-<だ
奪われた其の地平 「自由」を望む
止めどなき 《殺意》に 其の身を侵されながら


Attack on Titan Season 1 Opening 1 Lyrics - Information

Title: Guren no Yumiya
Anime: Attack on Titan
English Title:The Crimson Bow and Arrow Lyrics
Type of Song:Opening
Appears in:Season 1 Opening 1
Performed by:Linked Horizon
Composed by:Revo
Arranged by:Revo
Lyrics by:Revo

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Mankind remains imprisoned within the two remaining walls, still threatened by the "Titans" who have robbed them of their freedom. Efforts to exterminate these monsters continue, but threats come not only from the Titans beyond the walls, but also from the humans who live within them.
Eren Yaeger devotes himself to improving his Titan form after being rescued from the Colossal and Armored Titans. Captain Levi chooses Eren and his friends to form his new personal squad, and Commander Erwin Smith recovers from his injuries, while Krista Lenz struggles to accept the loss of her friend. Everything appears to be going well for the soldiers until the government demands Eren and Krista's custody.

Because of the Survey Corps' recent successes, a familiar face from Levi's past is dispatched to collect the wanted soldiers. Levi and his new squad must elude their assailants in order to keep Eren and Krista safe while being pursued by the government.
Eren and his fellow soldiers in Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 are fighting for their lives not only against the terrifying Titans, but also against the terror of a far more cunning foe: humans.

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Hajime Isayama wrote and illustrated the manga series Attack on Titan (Japanese:, Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. "The Advancing Giants"). The story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to exterminate the Titans after a Titan destroys his hometown and kills his mother; it is set in a world where humanity lives inside cities surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from the gigantic man-eating humanoids known as Titans; the story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to exterminate the Titans after a Titan destroys his hometown and kills his mother. From September 2009 to April 2021, Attack on Titan was serialized in Kodansha's monthly shnen manga magazine Bessatsu Shnen Magazine, with chapters collected in 34 tankbon volumes.

Wit Studio (seasons 1–3) and MAPPA (season 4) both produced anime television series. From April to September 2013, a 25-episode first season aired, followed by a 12-episode second season from April to June 2017. The third season consisted of 22 episodes, with the first 12 episodes airing from July to October 2018 and the final 10 episodes airing from April to July 2019. The fourth and final season premiered in December 2020, with the first 16 episodes airing in December 2020 and the rest set to air in January 2022.
Attack on Titan is a critical and financial success. The manga has over 100 million tankbon copies in print worldwide as of December 2019[update], making it one of the best-selling manga series of all time.

The Kodansha Manga Award, the Attilio Micheluzzi Award, and the Harvey Award are just a few of the accolades it has received..

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