Ayakashi Triangle Songs Lyrics

Ayakashi Triangle Songs Lyrics


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Ayakashi Triangle Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Ayakashi Triangle

Also Called:あやかしトライアングル


Released in:Winter


Ayakashi, the enigmatic and supernatural beings that lurk in the shadows, remain hidden from the human eye. Although most of them pose no threat, there are those menacing ayakashi that relentlessly prey on humans, devouring their life force. To safeguard the innocent, a league of exorcist ninjas has taken up the noble task of protecting humanity from these malevolent spirits. Enter Matsuri Kazamaki, a gifted and young exorcist ninja from a renowned lineage. His childhood comrade, Suzu Kanade, possesses a rare and potent gift - the ability to connect with ayakashi. While Matsuri perceives all ayakashi as menacing, he is driven to ensure Suzu remains untouched by these volatile creatures. However, Suzu's heartfelt yearning to embrace her connection with them clashes with Matsuri's desire to shield her. One fateful day, the duo crosses paths with Shirogane, the infamous "King of Ayakashi," whose insatiable hunger for Suzu's essence knows no bounds. In a desperate bid to save her, Matsuri valiantly steps in, using his skill to seal the powers of this cunning ayakashi. But in a vengeful act, Shirogane turns Matsuri into a... girl! Now trapped in this unconventional and bewildering predicament, Matsuri must adapt to his newfound existence while continuing his rigorous battle against hostile ayakashi. As the world around him transforms, so does his connection with Suzu, leaving their once unshakeable bond mired in uncertainty and perplexity.