Gintama: The Final Songs Lyrics

Gintama: The Final Songs Lyrics


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Gintama: The Final Songs
Gintama: The Final Ending Lyrics 銀魂 THE FINAL Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Gintama: The Final

Also Called:銀魂 THE FINAL


Released on year:2017

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:13


Two years have flown by since the notorious Tendoshuu infiltrated and wreaked havoc upon the O-Edo Central Terminal. In the aftermath, the Yorozuya, once a tightly-knit team, found themselves wandering down divergent paths. However, amidst the tantalizing possibility of Utsuro's resurgence, Gintoki Sakata takes it upon himself to scour the Earth's labyrinthine ley lines, desperately searching for any traces of Altana - the enigmatic power that binds them all. One fateful encounter with the remnants of the Tendoshuu, who persist in their relentless pursuit of eternal life, brings Gintoki back to the bustling streets of Edo. The time for action has come. The reassembled Shinsengumi and the brave Yorozuya warriors launch a daring offensive upon the occupied Central Terminal, where danger looms over the Altana reservoir housed within the Tendoshuu's decimated ship. Hope hangs by a thread as they pit themselves against formidable foes, striving to safeguard not only the safety of Edo, but the entire world itself. Driven by an unwavering determination to honor the unfulfilled desires of their mentor, Shouyou Yoshida, the former disciples join forces once more, embarking on a poignant journey through their intertwined pasts. With time running out, they summon the strength to rewrite their own destinies, perhaps changing the course of history itself, and preserving a future they hold dear.


In March 2021, Gintama: The Final has achieved a remarkable milestone, garnering a staggering sum of 1.85 billion yen (equivalent to 16.94 million USD) and triumphantly claiming the No. 1 spot at the coveted Japanese box office. Serving as a fitting conclusion to the revered Gintama anime series, this sensational film meticulously adapts chapters 699-704 from the original manga while ingeniously incorporating fresh narrative elements. Brace yourself for an enthralling cinematic experience, as Gintama bids farewell in spectacular fashion!