Golgo 13 (2008) Songs Lyrics

Golgo 13 (2008) Songs Lyrics


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Golgo 13 (2008) Songs
Golgo 13 (2008) Opening Lyrics ゴルゴ13 Opening Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Golgo 13 (2008)

Also Called:ゴルゴ13


Released on year:2008

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:50


Golgo 13, a man shrouded in enigma, bears a name that remains elusive. Duke Togo, Tadashi Togo, and a plethora of aliases serve as mere veils to conceal his true identity. His origin, a puzzle unsolved, boggles even the minds of the world's most esteemed intelligence agencies. Yet, unanimous is the agreement that Golgo's unparalleled expertise surpasses all expectations. Armed with a meticulously crafted M16, Golgo stands unwavering, ready to undertake any task assigned by agencies of prominence - from the esteemed FBI to the formidable KGB. Rest assured, he honors each contract he undertakes unfailingly, for he is beholden to none but those capable of matching his substantial price. Transcending borders, Golgo emerges as both a supreme weapon and an imminent peril to nations worldwide; once one enters his line of sight, safety is nigh unattainable.