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Centimeter Lyrics

From the AnimeKanojo, Okarishimasu Rent-a-Girlfriend, Kanokari | 彼女, お借りします

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Unmei nante ienai
Ato nansenchi chika zukeba iindarou
Kimi ga (Kimi ga) iito
Ienai mama mitsumeteru ushiro sugata

Yoyuu no nai hibi desu
Deeto nante Jishin ga naina
Kimi ga mabushii hodo
Boku wa nasake nakunatteku

Aenai jikan purasu kimi ga waratta
Waru ni no kono Tokimeki to
Bukiyou na boku,
Dakedo Tsuyogari na kimi wa
Angai Purasu kamotte

Kizuite shimattara Saigo

Mada ne Unmei Nante ienai
Ato nansenchi chikazukeba iindarou
Bokuwa (bokuwa) kimi ni
Nani wo shite agereru kana

Ano hi daijoubu tte egao
Ato nansenchi saki wo arui tendarou
Kimiga (kimiga) iito
Ieba oi tsukeru nokana
Todoku nokana

[Full Version Continues]

Futo shita shunkan ni
Kimi no samishisa wo shittan da
Yowai boku wa hora ne
Hanarerarenaku natteku

(yatto kita chansu purasu itadakenai
kono kaiwa) waru ni de munashiku tatte
Futashika na kyou kakeru fuantei na
kanjou dakara koso boku wa kimi wo
Mitsukerareta no kamo shirenai

Dakara unmei datte shinjitai
Ima suu senchi chikazuitemo ii ka na
Mune wo saku yo furimuite kureru tabi ni
Kimi no egao mo kotoba mo
Mou nan senchi tsumotte kie ya shinai
Kireigoto ja katazukerarenai hodo ni

Unmei da tte ieru made
Waratta you ni miseta kimi ni todoku made
Tokubetsu janai ima no boku ni dekiru koto

Mada ne unmei nante ienai
Ato nan senchi chikazukeba iin darou
Boku wa sukoshi kawatte yukeru ki ga suru
Tadoritsuita toki wa kimi ni
Daijoubu da yo boku ga saki ni iu kara
Kimi ga suki da owaranai kono omoi ga
todokimasu you ni


I can't say that it's a fate
How much more centimeters, should I get
close into you
While I can't (While I can't) , say that,
you are the one I like I still gaze, onto
you from behind

It's full of busy days
I have no confidence going into such a
When you shine way more
I become more and more miserable
The time when we can't meet (plus the
moment when you smile)
Divide this wonderful moment into half
Such a clumsy me (and you that pretends
to be tough)
Is unexpectedly a good thing I thought!
When you realize, then it's the last

Again, I can't say that it's a fate
How much more centimeters, should I get
close into you
What can I (What can I) , do for you,
What should I do to help you
That day, when your smile looked like
"I'm okay"
How much centimeters, are you walking
Because If (Because If) , I say that,
you are the one, then maybe I can catch
up onto you
Will I reach out onto you



君が (君が) 眩しい程


僕は (僕は) 君に何をしてあげれるかな
君がいいと言えば追いつけるのかな 届くのかな




胸を裂くよ 振り向いてくれるたびに
もう何センチ 積もって消えやしない


大丈夫だよ 僕が先に言うから
君が好きだ 終わらないこの想いが 届きますように

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AnimeKanojo, Okarishimasu

Type of Song:Opening

Appears in:Opening Theme

Performed by:the peggies, ザ・ペギーズ

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Centimeter Lyrics - Kanojo, Okarishimasu
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Centimeter Lyrics - Kanojo, Okarishimasu belongs to the anime Kanojo, Okarishimasu, take a look at the argument:

In the tumultuous world of love and heartbreak, Kazuya Kinoshita, a brilliant 20-year-old student, had it all— a radiant girlfriend named Mami Nanami who illuminated his life. Alas, fate had a wicked twist in store for him as Mami abruptly ended their relationship, casting him into the depths of desolation and emptiness. Determined to mend his broken heart, Kazuya turned to an unconventional solution: a rental girlfriend procured through a cutting-edge online application. Enter Chizuru Mizuhara, a breathtaking beauty adorned with an infectious charm that bewitches Kazuya from the very beginning. However, as time unravels peculiar tales of Chizuru's interactions with other customers, Kazuya's trust in her withers, convinced that her warm smile and nurturing nature were nothing more than an elaborate facade designed to toy with his fragile emotions. Fueled by anger and disappointment, Kazuya rates her poorly without hesitation. But little does he know, this impulsive act of his sets the stage for a monumental confrontation, as Chizuru bares her true, spirited self, unyielding and unafraid to express her frustrations. Their one-sided exchange abruptly halts when a distressing phone call shatters the tension— Kazuya's beloved grandmother has suffered a sudden collapse, sending shockwaves of panic through his weary heart. In a hurry, they race to the hospital, Chizuru's presence adding an unexpected layer of complexity to this already precarious situation. As Kazuya's grandmother awakens and gazes upon them, bewildered and inquiring, he instinctively blurts out that they are lovers, propelling Chizuru into an arduous charade. Amidst the remnants of his shattered romance with Mami, Kazuya now finds himself entangled in an intricate web of emotions, questioning how long this reluctant rental girlfriend can keep up the facade. Will they triumph over adversity and discover true love in the process, or will their blossoming connection crumble under the weight of their past? The stage is set, and the curtain rises on a captivating tale of love, heartache, and the boundless complexities of human relationships.

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