Kobato Songs Lyrics

Kobato. | こばと。
Kobato Songs Lyrics


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Kobato Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:Kobato. | こばと。


Released on year:2017

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


Experience the heartwarming journey of Kobato Hanato, brimming with sincerity and an unwavering determination to fulfill her deepest longing. Driven by an unwavering desire, she embarks on a noble mission: to heal fractured souls and alleviate suffering. With every shattered heart she tends to, a dainty candy-like fragment materializes, delicately filling up a distinctly charming bottle. Whispers of hope and fulfillment await, as each fragment brings her one step closer to actualizing her fervent wish. Journey alongside Kobato as she traverses through life's labyrinth, accompanied by her loyal partner and confidant, Ioryogi. Together, they encounter a myriad of individuals grappling with their own intricate dilemmas. From a troubled child entangled in parental strife to a high school damsel amidst a labyrinth of love, Kobato's infectious smile and radiant personality radiate warmth, unearthing solace in the darkest of times. Brace yourself for an enchanting saga that will captivate your heart, as Kobato's unwavering resolve illuminates the souls of those in need, one remarkable encounter at a time.