Kokoro Connect Songs Lyrics

Kokoroco | ココロコネクト
Kokoro Connect Songs Lyrics


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Kokoro Connect Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Kokoro Connect

Also Called:Kokoroco | ココロコネクト


Released on year:2020

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:13


In the enchanting realm of Yamaboshi Academy, where vibrant minds converge, a group of five remarkable students found themselves yearning for a sense of belonging. With no existing clubs that catered to their distinct identities, they courageously joined forces to establish the eminent Student Cultural Society, affectionately known as "StuCS." Together, they embarked on an extraordinary journey. This extraordinary assembly comprised Taichi Yaegashi, an ardent devotee of the exhilarating world of wrestling; Iori Nagase, a spirited optimist who often grappled with decisions; Himeko Inaba, a serene genius in the realm of computers; Yui Kiriyama, an agile practitioner of the revered art of karate; and Yoshifumi Aoki, the class's resident jester, always ready to bring laughter aplenty. Alas, destiny had a curious twist in store for Aoki and Yui, as they found themselves entangled in a peculiar phenomenon. Without warning, their very beings would seamlessly switch places, leaving them in a bewildering state of body-swapping. What first appeared as a whimsical game soon evolved into a profound and transformative experience for the StuCS members. As the enigmatic phenomenon persisted, the bond between these remarkable friends deepened. Proximity unveiled their intricate layers, exposing hitherto concealed secrets and emotional scars. Their camaraderie and unity faced unexpected trials, paving the way for intense introspection as they grappled with inner demons that threatened to tear the StuCS asunder. In this extraordinary tale of self-discovery, friendship, and resilience, will these brave souls triumph over the challenges that fate has bestowed upon them? Unveiling the profound depths of their spirits, they shall forge bonds enduring and true, transcending the boundaries of the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary.


The beloved cast of the Kokoro Connect drama CD breathes life into the anime adaptation, delivering unforgettable performances that will captivate fans. Drawing inspiration from the picturesque city of Yokohama, the anime meticulously recreates its stunning locations with the invaluable support of the Yokohama Film Commission and Yokohama Gakuen high school. This collaborative effort ensures an authentic and immersive experience for viewers.