Miira no Kaikata Songs Lyrics

How to Keep a Mummy | ミイラの飼い
Miira no Kaikata Songs Lyrics


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Miira no Kaikata Songs
Miira no Kaikata Opening Lyrics How to Keep a Mummy | ミイラの飼い Opening Lyrics
Miira no Kaikata Ending Lyrics How to Keep a Mummy | ミイラの飼い Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Miira no Kaikata

Also Called:How to Keep a Mummy | ミイラの飼い


Released on year:2004

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


Sora Kashiwagi, a diligent high school student, eagerly anticipates the rather eccentric gifts that his globetrotting father sends him. However, these presents turn out to be peculiar nightmares, leaving Sora in a perpetual state of anticipation mixed with anxiety. Yet, when an immense package arrives from Egypt, Sora braces himself for yet another bizarre surprise, only to be astounded by the adorable presence of Mii-kun—a petite, endearing mummy! Initially cautious, Sora quickly discovers that Mii-kun is harmless, an exquisitely delicate creature yearning for companionship. In their captivating everyday adventures, this unlikely duo encounters fellow individuals with extraordinary animal companions, while simultaneously forging an unbreakable bond between themselves. While nurturing a pet demands great dedication, Sora remains resolute in providing unwavering care and affection to the lovable Mii-kun. Embarking on this extraordinary journey, filled with exciting encounters and heartfelt moments, Sora and his diminutive mummy companion illuminate the path ahead with warmth and compassion.