Munou na Nana Songs Lyrics

Talentless Nana | 無能なナナ
Munou na Nana Songs Lyrics


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Munou na Nana Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Munou na Nana

Also Called:Talentless Nana | 無能なナナ


Released on year:2006

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:47


Half a century ago, the world was seized by the emergence of frightful entities deemed the "enemies of humanity." In response, a group of gifted youngsters possessing extraordinary powers, known as "Talents," emerged to confront these malicious creatures. Nestled within a secluded island, an academy was established to harness and refine their supernatural abilities, be it manipulating fire or bending time itself. However, amidst this gathering of prodigious individuals, there exists one outlier: Nanao Nakajima, devoid of any discernible Talent. Constantly subjected to the brunt of bullying from his Talented peers, Nanao remains undeterred, unwavering in his determination to excel in his training. Fate soon intervenes in the form of two enigmatic transfer students, the inscrutable Kyouya Onodera and the telepathic Nana Hiiragi. As camaraderie blossoms among these comrades-in-arms, a mysterious string of vanishings threatens to unravel the very foundation of their class.