Atashi Dake ni Kakete (Binetsu-hen) Lyrics - Natsu no Arashi!

Omokage Lucky Hole feat. Mariko Gotou from Midori Atashi Dake ni Kakete (Binetsu-hen) Natsu no Arashi! Ep.1 Opening Lyrics

Atashi Dake ni Kakete (Binetsu-hen) Lyrics

From the AnimeNatsu no Arashi!

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hajimete no natsu no koi wa binetsu no
mama ukasarete
hajimete no anata no mune asai yume ni

natsu no tobira ga hiraite namida dake
sakibashiri ne

atashi ni kakete ippai kakete
wana wo kakete o-nawa kakete nasake wo
atashi to kakete dokodemo kakete
toki wo kakete inochi kakete seishi wo

(kakekake kakekake kakete)
atashi dake ni kakete


My first summer love keeps driving me
into a fever pitch
My first time with your chest haunts me
inside my fluffy dreams

When the summer's door opens, only the
tears run fast, don't they?

Get it on me, lots of 'em
Get your trap set, get the ropes on me,
get sympathetic
Get it with me, get it all over the place
Get flown through time, get your life on
the line, get to live or to die

(Get get get get get it on)
Get it on just me


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Natsu no Arashi! Atashi Dake ni Kakete (Binetsu-hen) Lyrics - Information

Title:Atashi Dake ni Kakete (Binetsu-hen)

AnimeNatsu no Arashi!

Type of Song:Opening

Appears in:Ep.1 Opening

Performed by:Omokage Lucky Hole feat. Mariko Gotou from Midori

Arranged by:Sinneryang & Papa Daisuke

Lyrics by:aCKy

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Atashi Dake ni Kakete (Binetsu-hen) Lyrics - Natsu no Arashi!
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Atashi Dake ni Kakete (Binetsu-hen) Lyrics - Natsu no Arashi! belongs to the anime Natsu no Arashi!, take a look at the argument:

In the picturesque landscapes of rural Japan, a 13-year-old prodigy named Hajime Yasaka embarks on a life-changing journey. Sent to live with his wise and seasoned grandfather, an unexpected adventure awaits the curious young boy. Along his path, serendipity leads him to an enchanting café known as Ark, where destiny intertwines his fate with that of a captivating waitress named Sayoko "Arashi" Arashiyama. Mesmerized by her ethereal beauty, Hajime's world takes a thrilling turn as Arashi, a seemingly ordinary teenager, reveals her extraordinary secret. Unbeknownst to those around her, she is the ghostly apparition of a girl who perished tragically during World War II. It is through a simple touch, a fleeting connection, that Arashi gains the astounding ability to journey back in time. With a newfound purpose, Arashi seeks to rewrite the past, salvaging innocent lives from the relentless chaos of war. Enthralled by the enigmatic allure of this mystical ghost, Hajime becomes an integral part of her audacious mission. Sworn to help this extraordinary phantom, he willingly offers his unwavering support. However, as Hajime and Arashi delve deeper into her compelling past, an astonishing revelation emerges. Arashi's ability to transcend time is not exclusive to her alone. Peril and intrigue lurk around every corner, challenging their every move and placing them in a race against time itself. Amidst a backdrop of heart-wrenching history and timeless romance, Hajime and Arashi's entwined destinies promise a breath-taking odyssey beyond imagination. Together, they will defy the constraints of time, unearthing the mysteries that lie hidden within the fabric of their extraordinary journey.

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