Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Songs Lyrics

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Songs Lyrics


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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Songs

Anime Information

Title:Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live


Released on year:2016

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:24


Naru Ayase, an exceptional 8th-grade student with a unique ability, possesses the power to perceive the vibrant hues of music. Immersed in her passion for décor, Naru fervently dreams of establishing her very own shop, akin to the incredible Dear Crown. Fortune favors her when news of a new establishment reaches her ears – a shop in search of young, talented middle school girls adept at the mesmerizing art of Prism Dance. Seizing the opportunity, Naru promptly submits her application, brimming with excitement at unveiling her Prism Dance skills during the audition. As she begins to move gracefully to the rhythm, an inexplicable aura engulfs the space, unfurling a captivating spectacle before her eyes. Then, to her astonishment, a mysterious girl named Rinne materializes, inquiring if Naru possesses the ability to perceive the alluring shades of "rainbow music."