Re:Creators Songs Lyrics

Re:Creators Songs Lyrics


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Re:Creators Songs
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Anime Information


Also Called:<レクリエイターズ>


Released on year:2014

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In the boundless realm of human creativity, countless worlds have been born, each harboring its own profound imagination. Our protagonist, Souta Mizushino, dreams of being an esteemed creator, penning and illustrating his own captivating light novel. Little did he know that a remarkable twist of fate awaited him as he delved into the enchanting world of anime for inspiration. Transported into an intense battle scene, Souta's reality shifts in a fraction of a moment. To his astonishment, the headstrong protagonist of the anime he was engrossed in, Selesia Yupitilia, inexplicably materializes alongside him upon his return. As if by some spell, other fictional avatars begin to emerge from the depths of the imaginative realms, carrying with them both the triumphs and tribulations of their own universes. A chivalrous knight, a mystical sorceress, an unyielding brawler, and an array of compelling characters grace the streets of Japan, adding an exhilarating touch of the unreal. However, the enigmatic figure that attracts the most curiosity is the woman clad in impeccable military attire, known only as the "Gunpuku no Himegimi." She possesses an uncanny knowledge about the creators' world, yet her true identity and origins remain veiled in mystery. Amidst this bewildering convergence of realities, Souta, Selesia, and the composed librarian NPC, Meteora Österreich, forge an alliance to unravel the enigma gripping their existence. Uniting their strengths and wits, they embark on a quest to discern the profound significance behind these extraordinary phenomena. In a tumultuous journey where lines blur between what is real and what is borne of pure imagination, the destinies of creators and the creations themselves converge. Brace yourself for an extraordinary encounter that will ignite your imagination and shatter the boundaries between worlds.