Red Garden Songs Lyrics

RG | レッド ガーデン
Red Garden Songs Lyrics


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Red Garden Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Red Garden

Also Called:RG | レッド ガーデン


Released on year:2018

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:13


Mysterious incidents of inexplicable suicides have been haunting the city of New York. As the sun rises on another ordinary day, four young girls from a local high school awaken with an unsettling fatigue, accompanied by a heavy fog that shrouds their memories of the preceding night. Within the school's hallowed halls, an ominous revelation unfurls – one of their fellow classmates has tragically taken her own life. With classes abruptly suspended, an eerie allure captivates these perplexed girls, compelling them towards a nearby park adorned with unseen butterflies. And in the midst of their bewildering enchantment, an enigmatic couple emerges from the shadows, disclosing a grim truth – they too have departed from the realm of the living, meeting their demise on that very fateful night.