RIN-NE Songs Lyrics

Kyoukai no Rinne | 境界のRINNE
RIN-NE Songs Lyrics


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RIN-NE Songs
RIN-NE Opening Lyrics Kyoukai no Rinne | 境界のRINNE Opening Lyrics
RIN-NE Ending Lyrics Kyoukai no Rinne | 境界のRINNE Ending Lyrics

Anime Information


Also Called:Kyoukai no Rinne | 境界のRINNE


Released on year:2016

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:25


Rinne Rokudou finds himself entangled in a far greater challenge than mere academic pursuits. His paramount duty is to aid restless spirits in transcending to their rightful place in the afterlife. Unfortunately, this noble responsibility often leaves him grappling with financial constraints, making it a constant struggle to procure life's essentials: sustenance, garments, and the necessary tools for his exorcism endeavors. Meanwhile, Sakura Mamiya has possessed the uncanny ability to perceive ethereal beings since her tender years. Hoping that this ability would eventually fade away, she instead finds her unique sense sharpening with time, persisting even as she embarks on her high school journey. Astonishingly, the enigmatic and perpetually absent classmate, Rinne, materializes before Sakura's eyes—with a twist. While she assumes him to be a ghostly apparition, Rinne surprisingly defies her expectations by dutifully attending school the next day, garnering visibility solely in Sakura's perceptive realm. Thus begins the enthralling chronicle of Kyoukai no Rinne, wherein Sakura delves into the true nature of Rinne and the coexistence of an elusive supernatural realm that lay concealed from ordinary human perception.