Selection Project Songs Lyrics

Selection Project Songs Lyrics


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Selection Project Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Selection Project


Released on year:2016

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


From the purity of her heart to the fragility of her body, Suzune Miyama has spent countless days confined to her sickbed. Yet, even in her moments of weakness, a powerful dream ignites her spirit like an eternal flame. The dream to become an idol, a force of enchantment that captivates hearts and brings joy to those who listen. This dream, so vivid and resolute, propels Suzune towards her destiny. In a twist of fate, Suzune's golden opportunity arises with the emergence of the seventh Selection Project. A legendary contest notorious for birthing icons, it beckons Suzune to take her place among the stars. Although trepidation dances in the depths of her being, a blazing excitement fuels her steps towards the preliminary round of this grand spectacle. With bated breath and quivering anticipation, Suzune takes the stage, her voice resounding with ethereal beauty. The judges and her rivals alike are spellbound, bewitched by her melodious enchantment. But alas, the burdens of nerves infiltrate her being, causing a momentary stumble in her performance. In the blink of an eye, victory slips through her grasp, disqualifying her from the competition she so longed to conquer. But destiny never plays by the rules, summoning an unforeseen twist to this tale. Seira Kurusu, the rival Suzune lost to, astounds the world by selflessly withdrawing from the Selection Project. Driven by an unwavering belief in Suzune's unparalleled talent, Seira graciously yields her place, affirming Suzune's indomitable potential. A promise exchanged between rivals echoes in the air, resolute and fierce—soon they shall meet again, as the undying flames of idolhood. Thus, Suzune emerges from the shadows of disillusionment, embracing the arduous path ahead. Armed with fiery determination and a heart blazing brighter than ever, she embarks on an extraordinary journey to overcome the myriad obstacles that lie between her and her dreams.