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Momoi Haruko. Eiyuu no Uta Seto's Bride Character Song Lyrics

Eiyuu no Uta Lyrics

From the AnimeSeto's Bride Seto no Hanayome

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(Saa ima)
Kokoro-ha kusabi-ni kawaru
(Saa ima)
Kotoba-mo hagane-ni dekiru

Shinji zuzukereba
Kabe-ha kanarazu kuzureru
Fukai omoi-ni kitto kotae-ga aru

Sore-ha koko-ni-mo aru
Sore-ha yami-he-to kirakira hikaridasu

Anata-ha ai-wo umidaseru
Anata-ha ai-ni umareta kara

(Saa ima)
Tsuyosa-ha chikara-de-ha nai
(Saa ima)
Yowasa-mo jibun-wo tsukuu

Tsugi-no hajimari-ha
Ima-no owari-to kasaneru
Negau-dake-yori ippo susunde miru

Sore-ha fumetsu-no mono
Sore-ha sekai-wo dandan kaete yuku

Anata-ha yume-wo umidaseru
Anata-ha yume-ni umareta kara


(Come now)
Heart changes into wedge
(Come now)
And words are made of steel.

If truth will continue,
then walls will surely collapse,
There is an anwser in those deep feelings.

It is here too,
It shines brightly into darkness.

You bring forth love.
You were born from love.

(Come now)
Strength is not a power,
(Come now)
Nor weakness is one's rescue.

Next begining,
Is overlaping with this end.
Only from hope, it seems it's only one

This is thing of immortals,
This gradually changes the world.

You bring forth dreams.
You were born from dreams.


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Seto's Bride Eiyuu no Uta Lyrics - Information

Title:Eiyuu no Uta

AnimeSeto's Bride

Type of Song:Other

Appears in:Character Song

Performed by:Momoi Haruko.

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Eiyuu no Uta Lyrics - Seto's Bride
Seto's Bride Argument

Eiyuu no Uta Lyrics - Seto's Bride belongs to the anime Seto's Bride, take a look at the argument:

During the blissful freedom of summer vacation, Nagasumi Michishio embarks on a memorable journey to the mesmerizing Seto Inland Sea. Little did he know that a single moment would alter the course of his existence forever. While frolicking amidst the azure waves of Mio Sun Beach, Nagasumi's leg succumbs to an excruciating cramp, leaving him gasping for help. The grim reality unfolds, as not a soul is within earshot to heed his desperate cries, and he finds himself helplessly sinking into the unforgiving depths of the ocean. Faith, however, intervenes when a breathtaking mermaid comes to his rescue, pulling him from the clutches of imminent demise. Under the veil of nightfall, Nagasumi encounters his ethereal savior, a bewitching maiden known as Sun Seto - a mermaid hailing from a formidable yakuza lineage. Intriguingly, mermaid law decrees that any mermaid discovered by a human must face an irrevocable punishment, bound by the chains of execution. In an attempt to evade this dire fate, the Seto family proposes a peculiar resolution: Nagasumi must enter into holy matrimony with Sun or face untimely demise at the hands of Gouzaburou, Sun's formidable father and head of the esteemed Seto clan. Caught in a web of unimaginable circumstances, Nagasumi reluctantly accepts the hand of his aquatic princess. Now ensconced in the clandestine realm of clandestine romance, the young newlyweds must navigate treacherous waters. Evermore determined to safeguard their forbidden love, Nagasumi finds himself pitted against constant perils orchestrated by Gouzaburou, who ceaselessly schemes to rid his daughter of her human consort. Amidst this chaos, a tender and unsullied affection blossoms between Nagasumi and Sun, as they strive to adapt to their extraordinary new life while shielding their secret amour from prying eyes.

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