Simoun Songs Lyrics

Simoun Songs Lyrics


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Simoun Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2007

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:22


In the tranquil theocratic realm of Simulicram, a unique tradition unfolds. Every individual enters this world as a woman, and at the crossroads of their seventeenth year, they partake in a profound ceremony. During this pivotal moment, they make a fateful decision, selecting their own sex. However, an exclusive skillset only resides within exceptional maidens—those who form sacred Pairs of priestesses. These Pairs unite not only their spirits but also synchronize with ancient airborne vessels known as Simoun, crucial for safeguarding the land of Simulicram. Consequently, these chosen Pairs delay their own rites indefinitely, as they continue to take flight in the awe-inspiring Simoun. In the wake of a harrowing assault from a rival nation, the shattered remnants of the renowned Chor Tempest squadron seek future warriors. Our protagonist, Aer, answers this urgent call as a Simoun pilot. Her enlistment comes to pass after a devastating attack that ravaged Chor Tempest to its core. Yet, there is an arduous test she must surpass if she is to earn her wings—an endeavor that leads her on a path intertwined with the enigmatic Neviril, the esteemed Regina of Chor Tempest. However, Neviril's heart still mourns for her previous partner, vanquished in a tragic battle during an ill-fated attempt at an illicit Simoun maneuver.