Smile Pretty Cure! Songs Lyrics

Smile PreCure!
Smile Pretty Cure! Songs Lyrics


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Smile Pretty Cure! Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Smile Pretty Cure!

Also Called:Smile PreCure!


Released on year:2005

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:47


Nagisa Misumi and Honoka Yukishiro, two middle school students, couldn't be more different. Nagisa, a vibrant and popular lacrosse player, shines brightly among her peers, while Honoka, known as the academic prodigy, exudes quiet intelligence. But peel back the ordinary facade and you'll discover a remarkable secret: these seemingly unrelated girls lead astonishing double lives as the "emissaries of light" - enter Cure Black and Cure White of Pretty Cure. Assisted by the enchanting fairies Mipple and Mepple, they wage an epic battle against the nefarious Dotsuku Zone, an insidious force that has penetrated the once-idyllic Garden of Light. To protect the Garden of Rainbows from succumbing to the clutches of evil, our heroines must join forces and embark on a quest to retrieve seven sacred Prism Stones. Only by restoring the waning powers of the Prism Hopish do they stand a chance against this vile menace. But it won't be easy. Formidable foes lie in wait, challenging Nagisa and Honoka at every turn. However, through unwavering determination and the unbreakable bond they share, they will learn to harness their extraordinary abilities, working harmoniously to safeguard both worlds from impending doom. Brace yourself for an incredible journey, where adversity becomes the catalyst for incredible growth and where the forces of light stand strong against the encroaching darkness.