Sotsugyou M Songs Lyrics

Sotsugyou M Songs Lyrics


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Sotsugyou M Songs

Anime Information

Title:Sotsugyou M


Released on year:2013

Released in:Spring

Num Episodes:26


Sotsugyo M delves into the lives of five diverse male students enrolled in Seiryuu Private Senior High. Each possessing a distinct personality, they embark on a journey of friendship and self-discovery. Mikimaro Shimura, the protagonist, strives to unite this eclectic group. Meanwhile, Syo Nakamoto, a prodigious intellect, is on a quest to uncover the essence of human connection. Togo Arai, known for his notorious playboy reputation, must confront his demons and find redemption. Yuusuke Katou, a spirited student, finds himself captivated by a teacher's allure. Last but not least, the arrival of Shimon Takagiare, a wealthy and meticulous transfer student, adds an unexpected dynamic to the mix. Through trials and tribulations, these individuals learn to foster camaraderie, break barriers, and provide unwavering support to one another. Join us as we delve into their intricate lives and witness the transformative power of friendship.