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Daijoubu ssa Lyrics


Yamanai ame wa kitto nai sa
akenai yoru mo kitto nai
nagai michi norida
isogeba ki mo meiru
mayoi michi mo mata tanoshi

Ima koko de hou wo nadeta kaze ga
saihate no momo no hana wo yurasu
sonna koto mo arun darou
omoi wo hase rya
me no mae no mayoi tomo ni yukeru

Ikite iru imi wa
kanjiru mono da
dokoka ni aru mono janakute
hiroi aozora ni ryoute wo hiroge
sekai chuu wo sutta

* Daijoubu sa
nanimo nai
daijoubu sa
michi ga arukara
tabi wa michizure
omae to yuku sa

Samenai akumu wa kitto nai
owaranai fuyu mo kitto nai sa
mawari michi mo ii na
sono uchi ni uta wo hitotsu
oboereba omae to uta eru sa

Wakare tsugeta machi ni
yuuhi ga shizumi
sukoshi utsumuite aruita
omae ga utai dasu
ore mo utau
mata munehatte

Daijoubu sa
nanimo nai
daijoubu sa
tomo ga irukara
yasashii kaze ga hoho wo nadeteku

Daijoubu sa
nanimo nai
daijoubu sa
tomo ga iru

* Repeat


Surely, it doesn't rain on mountains
Surely, the night will give way to day
We'll take the long way
You can lean on me when you feel
We can still enjoy ourselves if we get
lost on the unknown path

Soon, we will return to this place
Where the wind shakes the pink flowers
Like the many things that have changed
And in severe derivation
We lose the sternness of our gaze

* We don't need a reason
To feel something
To be somewhere with a person
And cry
We'll extend our hands to the wide
blue sky
Touching all the stars in the universe

Make it all right
And nothing will die
Make it all right
To have a friendly road
And travel down it
You will make your fears die

Surely, the nightmares will fade away
Surely, the winter is neverending
The circling road is good
Within that one song
You memorize the song to win

Parting from this town
As the sun sinks further
Few look down on us
You recite and I sing
Of our strong wills once again

Make it all right
And nothing will die
Make it all right
To have a road
And the calm breeze blows past you

Make it all right
And nothing will die
Make it all right
To have a friend

* Repeat


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Soul Hunter Taikoubou & Kou Tenka song Lyrics - Information

Title: Daijoubu ssa
Anime: Soul Hunter
English Title:Make It Alright Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Appears in:Taikoubou & Kou Tenka song
Performed by:Hiro Yuuki & Isao Yamagishi

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