Tamayura Songs Lyrics

Tamayura Songs Lyrics


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Tamayura Songs
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Anime Information



Released on year:2013

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


In the quaint town of Takehara, a place wrapped in nostalgia and mystique, resides a young and spirited soul named Fuu "Potte" Sawatari. Enveloped by the rich heritage left behind by her late father, Fuu embarks on a poignant journey, armed with his trusted camera as her faithful companion. Years have passed since Fuu and her father last graced the charming streets of Takehara, but now, destiny has reunited her with this treasured haven. Wielding her passion for photography like a brush on a canvas, Fuu enrolls in the renowned high school of Takehara, ready to seize every opportunity to capture the essence of life's beauty through her lens. Imbued with a belief that photographs possess an extraordinary power to transform the mundane into something truly remarkable, Fuu and her steadfast companions embark on a heartfelt quest. With every snap of the shutter, they strive to immortalize the enchantment of everyday life, tenderly capturing moments that could bring solace and joy to a hopeful soul somewhere in the world. Thus, within the gentle embrace of Takehara's timeless charm, Fuu's story unfolds, driven by an unwavering dedication to preserving memories and inspiring hearts with the captivating allure of their remarkable photographs.