Warera Konsen Gasshoudan Songs Lyrics

Warera Konsen Gasshoudan Songs Lyrics


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Warera Konsen Gasshoudan Songs
Warera Konsen Gasshoudan OVA Lyrics and other songs OVA Lyrics and other songs

Anime Information

Title:Warera Konsen Gasshoudan


Released on year:2004

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


In the wake of an unforeseen tragedy, the fates of Haruka and Sora Kasugano were irrevocably altered, as the loss of their beloved parents sent shockwaves through their lives. Seeking solace, the twins embark on a poignant journey back to their idyllic childhood abode, nestled amidst the rustic charms of a serene countryside they once called home. However, this soul-stirring return does more than simply rekindle nostalgic flames; it serves as a catalyst for recollecting an array of profound moments, swept between sheer bliss and profound anguish. As familiar faces and newfound kinship converge, the tapestry of Haruka and Sora's lives becomes increasingly complex, entangling them in a web spun by love, friendship, envy, and perhaps even the intoxicating allure of desire. Brace yourself for a compelling narrative that intertwines hearts and captivates souls.