Yofukashi no Uta Songs Lyrics

Call of the Night | よふかしのうた
Yofukashi no Uta Songs Lyrics


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Yofukashi no Uta Songs
Yofukashi no Uta Opening Lyrics Call of the Night | よふかしのうた Opening Lyrics
Yofukashi no Uta Ending Lyrics Call of the Night | よふかしのうた Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Yofukashi no Uta

Also Called:Call of the Night | よふかしのうた


Released on year:2022

Released in:Summer


Kou Yamori, an ordinary middle school student struggling to comprehend the intricate realm of love, finds himself caught in a perplexing situation. Disenchanted with conformity, he ultimately abandons his educational pursuits, plunging himself into a state of restlessness. Plagued by insomnia in the face of idleness, Kou embarks on midnight wanderings through desolate streets. In a serendipitous encounter, Kou stumbles upon the enigmatic Nazuna Nanakusa, a girl whose belief suggests that individuals remain awake at night due to discontent with their daily actions, unable to find solace until they cast aside their inhibitions. Proposing to aid Kou in conquering his sleep-related predicament, Nazuna extends an invitation to her abode, where she persuades him to share a futon with her. Although this arrangement discomforts Kou, he pretends to succumb to slumber, only to be met with an unforeseen revelation - Nazuna sinks her teeth into his neck, unveiling her true nature as a vampire! While Kou initially assumes this bite will trigger his own transformation into a vampire, the process of metamorphosis is far from straightforward. To achieve such a conversion, he must receive a genuine bite from someone he sincerely loves. Nurturing a newfound resolution, Kou sets his sights on an audacious objective: falling deeply in love with Nazuna and thereby transcending his mundane mortal existence by embracing the life of a vampire.