Yoru no Kuni Songs Lyrics

Country of Night | 夜の国
Yoru no Kuni Songs Lyrics


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Yoru no Kuni Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Yoru no Kuni

Also Called:Country of Night | 夜の国


Released on year:2010

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:11


Presenting "The 22 O'Clock Guide" (22-ji no Annaibito), a captivating tale that transcends the boundaries of life and death. Our protagonist, Chiyo, embarks on a remarkable journey after the tragic loss of her cherished companion, Choco. As Chiyo surrenders to slumber, she awakens in the enigmatic Night World, where she encounters a mesmerizing entity named Yoru. Together, they navigate this mystical realm, adorned with darkness and yet brimming with ethereal beauty. As Chiyo grapples with her grief, she discovers that even in the absence of stars, there is an undeniable radiance that awaits her. Dive into the whimsical depths of "The 26 O'Clock Search" (26-ji no Sagashimono), a heartfelt reflection on the inseparable bond between childhood friends. Hina and Tsumugi have shared an extraordinary exchange diary since time immemorial. However, jealousy rears its ugly head when Tsumugi, consumed by envy, discards the diary in frustration over Hina's newfound friendship. Consequently, Tsumugi finds herself transported to a bewildering labyrinth within the haunting Night World. In her solitary quest for answers, she confronts deep-seated emotions of loneliness that threaten to engulf her. Will she eventually embrace the guiding hand of Yoru? Prepare to be captivated by "The 4 O'Clock Letter" (4-ji no Tegami), an evocative narrative that delves into the realm of shattered dreams and rekindled passions. Akatsuki, burdened by the weight of an unfulfilled career, faces yet another disheartening morning. Amidst her desolation, she stumbles upon a forgotten sketchbook, unveiling a letter from a long-lost friend whose encouraging words had once sparked her artistic flame. As Akatsuki rummages through her possessions, fragments of her forgotten past resurface, and the embers of her passion for painting start to reignite. Indulge in these enthralling stories, where time transcends its conventional boundaries and the Night World weaves its enchanting tapestry. Each tale portrays the struggles and resilience of our protagonists as they navigate through the intricate fabric of their emotions. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of these extraordinary narratives, where hope and self-discovery await.