Z/X IGNITION Songs Lyrics

Zillions of Enemy X Ignition | ゼクス
Z/X IGNITION Songs Lyrics


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Anime Information


Also Called:Zillions of Enemy X Ignition | ゼクス


Released on year:2012

Released in:Summer

Num Episodes:12


In a realm not far from our grasp, the tapestry of time unravels, heralding an extraordinary tale. Mysterious rifts, known as the enigmatic "Black Points," have materialized across the globe, serving as gateways to parallel dimensions. Emerging from these rifts are peculiar beings, denizens from five distinct worlds, each representing a unique epoch in history. Without hesitation, these otherworldly invaders unleash havoc upon our reality, driven by the singular objective of securing their own temporal existence. In a ruthless pursuit to eliminate the opposition, they clash vehemently, driven by an unyielding desire to ensure the triumph of their respective era. At the heart of this epochal altercation lies a coveted artifact, a card-shaped marvel, capable of both shaping and defining the destiny that awaits. Its power, unparalleled and enigmatic, holds the key to the survival of not one, but all future timelines. Brace yourself as the epic saga unfolds, enveloping us in a captivating and enthralling dance through the corridors of time.