Bungaku Shoujo anata to deatte Lyrics KOKIA - anata to deatte Lyrics


odayaka na kaze no naka komorebi ni

anata ni deatta ano hi kokoro wa

watashi no naka ni hibiku ano hi no

tooki hi no yakusoku wo kono mune ni

aruiteyuku hitori anata mo onaji sora
no shita

hikari ni tsutsumare atarashii ashita
ni mukau

dokoka de anata to tsunagatteiru to

mirai wa yuuki wo motte fumidashita
toki kara

zutto zutto kibou ni afureteta


in the gentle breeze, swayed by rays of
light filtering through the tree leaves

the day that i met you brought a smile
to my heart

the vestiges of that day resonate inside
of me

i keep in my heart the promise we made
on that distant day

though i walk alone, i know that you too
are living under the same sky

embraced by the light, i face a new day

i believe that we are being kept
connected somewhere

since the time i stepped out with courage

the future has always, always overflowed
with hope


作詞:KOKIA 作曲・編曲:伊藤真澄

穏やかな風の中 木漏れ日に揺れた

あなたに出逢ったあの日 心は微笑んだ

私の中に響く あの日の面影

遠き日の約束を この胸に秘めて

歩いてゆく1人 あなたも同じ空の下

光に包まれ 新しい明日に向かう

どこかで あなたと つながっていると信じて

未来は 勇気をもって 踏み出した時から

ずっと ずっと 希望に溢れてた

KOKIA - anata to deatte Lyrics - Information

Title: anata to deatte
Anime: Bungaku Shoujo
English Title:since i met you Lyrics
Type of Song:Other
Performed by:KOKIA
Lyrics by:KOKIA

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The only way to restore balance after the Ice Queen brings eternal winter to Nariadia is to gather human warriors and give them the power of Naria crystals. As a result, Animaru has chosen Urara, Inaho, and Hanabi, three middle school students, as warriors. The girls, on the other hand, are more concerned with mocking the events taking place around them and attempting to make money as idols.
The Ice Queen's familiars use the "Ice Mirror" to dupe the girls into performing ridiculous skits. Will Urara, Inaho, and Hanabi ever accept their roles as magical girls, or will their antics prove to be too distracting for them?

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