Itou Masumi hitotsu zutsu Lyrics

Bungaku Shoujo hitotsu zutsu Lyrics

hitotsu zutsu Lyrics

From the AnimeBungaku Shoujo Book Girl | Literature Girl | 劇場版“文学少女”

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kohaku no iro ni somaru
chiisana heya ni itsu demo futari
omoi ga hohoemidasu
hikari ni mamorareteiru you ni
taisetsu na koto hitotsu

taisetsuna mono hitotsu
doko made mo fueteyuku
takara mono wo daite

kokoro ni shimaikonda
ima demo nokoru futari no himitsu
massugu mitsumeaeba
yume yori tashika ni utsuru subete

taisetsu na koto hitotsu
taisetsu na mono hitotsu
futari wo tsutsundeyuku
yasashii toki wa towa ni


the two of us had always occupied this
little room
bathed in amber red
my feelings cheered
as though protected by the light
one important matter

one important thing
these treasures will keep on growing in
i embrace them

the promise we made still remains
tucked away inside my heart
if i look straight forward
everything comes out clearer than they
do in my dreams

one important matter
one important thing
the gentle time envelops us
for eternity


作詞:riya 作曲・編曲:伊藤真澄

大切な事 一つ

大切な物 一つ


大切な事 一つ
大切な物 一つ

Bungaku Shoujo hitotsu zutsu Lyrics - Information

Title:hitotsu zutsu

AnimeBungaku Shoujo

Type of Song:Other

Performed by:Itou Masumi

Lyrics by:riya

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Itou Masumi hitotsu zutsu Lyrics - Bungaku Shoujo Lyrics
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The only way to restore balance after the Ice Queen brings eternal winter to Nariadia is to gather human warriors and give them the power of Naria crystals. As a result, Animaru has chosen Urara, Inaho, and Hanabi, three middle school students, as warriors. The girls, on the other hand, are more concerned with mocking the events taking place around them and attempting to make money as idols.
The Ice Queen's familiars use the "Ice Mirror" to dupe the girls into performing ridiculous skits. Will Urara, Inaho, and Hanabi ever accept their roles as magical girls, or will their antics prove to be too distracting for them?

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Mizuki Nomura's Book Girl (, Bungaku Shjo, lit. Literature Girl) is a collection of Japanese light novels illustrated by Miho Takeoka. There are 16 volumes in the series, with eight covering the original series, four short story collections, and four covering a side story. The novels were published by Enterbrain under the Famitsu Bunko imprint between April 2006 and April 2011. In July 2010, Yen Press licensed the light novel series and began publishing it in English in North America. Square Enix's shnen Gangan Powered and Gangan Joker, as well as Kadokawa Shoten's shjo Beans Ace and Monthly Asuka, have serialized four manga adaptations. On May 1, 2010, Production I.G released an anime film adaptation in Japanese theaters.

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