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From the AnimeHappy Lesson Advance HAPPY☆LESSON ADVANCE

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me wo tojite omoiukaberu no wa
anata wo mitsuketa PAATII NAITO
SUPANKOORU ga uroko ni kawatteiku watashi

anata wa iu "kocchi ni oide"
nami wo ayatsuru you ni
fushigi na kuuki wo matotteru

konna yo ni hora mite kanpeki na
ORENJI no tsuki ga warau
mahou no you ni

PAATII PAATII hi wo tsukeru yubi ga
fureta dake
PAATII PAATII toki yo tomare zutto
kono mama

atama no naka kurikaesu no wa
uroko ni kawatta mama watashi wa oyogu
koto mo dekinai

ANATA no iru toko ni ima sugu
oyoideyukitai no ni
nami mo shizuku mo nai kono machi ja

konna yo ni ano hi to onaji you na
ORENJI no tsuki ga warau mahou no you na

PAATII PAATII mizu wo eta ningyo ga
PAATII PAATII tatta hitori no ANATA no
tame ni

kawaita sekai ja ai wa todokanai

ai no umi ga ai no umi ga


i close my eyes and recall to mind
the party night i found you
my spangle transforms into fish scales
i am a mermaid

you call me to come to you
as though you commanded the waves
an air of mystery hangs about you

look, the perfectly round, orange moon
is laughing tonight
it's like magic

party, party, flames ignite at the touch
of our fingers
party, party, freeze time and let us stay
forever like this

i'm replaying in my head
the party night i spent with you
i still have fish scales
and yet i am a mermaid that cannot swim

i want to swim straight away
to where you're at
but there isn't a drop of water in town

just like the other day
the orange moon is laughing tonight...
it's magical

party, party, the mermaid attains the
water and starts to swim
party, party, for you, and only you

my love can't reach you if the world
runs dry

the sea of love, the sea of love


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AnimeHappy Lesson Advance

Type of Song:Ending

Appears in:Ending Theme

Performed by:Millio

Lyrics by:Nagata Junko

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Hitotose Chitose had always been lonely and distrustful of others, but when five female teachers appeared and began living with him in his family's home as his mothers, things began to change and improve. Every day is a lesson for him and his two sisters, Hazuki-nee and Minazuki.
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