Kyokou Suiri Songs Lyrics

In/Spectre | 虚構推理
Kyokou Suiri Songs Lyrics


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Kyokou Suiri Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Kyokou Suiri

Also Called:In/Spectre | 虚構推理


Released on year:2022


In the realm known as the "real world," a secretive presence veils itself in darkness - the youkai, mystical spirits that exist amidst us. While many coexist harmoniously, a particular faction poses a perilous threat that strains the fragile peace between the youkai and humankind. Entrusted with the honor of becoming their revered "God of Wisdom," Kotoko Iwanaga has assumed the unique role of mediator, tirelessly resolving supernatural predicaments that arise along the way. One fateful day, Kotoko crosses paths with Kurou Sakuragawa, a university student nursing the wounds of a heartbroken relationship. Beneath Kurou's seemingly ordinary façade, Kotoko senses an uncanny aura, bearing the hallmarks of an otherworldly presence. Driven by both affection and her intuition, she beseeches Kurou for his invaluable assistance in aiding the enigmatic youkai. Fast forward two years, a chilling tale grips the nation: an idol tragically perishes beneath the weight of steel beams. The incident shocks the nation, but shockwaves extend far beyond this mere accident. Whispers circulate, weaving eerie accounts of a nameless woman, a specter who wields the very instrument of her untimely demise - the steel beam. Bracing themselves for their latest supernatural inquiry, Kotoko and her steadfast companion embark on a treacherous journey to vanquish this malevolent spirit. But little do they realize, this case will unravel a hauntingly twisted narrative that hits close to home, unearthing a sinister reality they could never have foreseen.