Kyoukai Senki Songs Lyrics

Kyoukai Senki Songs Lyrics


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Kyoukai Senki Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Kyoukai Senki

Also Called:境界戦機


Released on year:2017

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In a dystopian, post-war Japan, a striking vision of the future unfolds. The nation stands divided into four volatile military regions, each vying for ultimate dominion over the country. As the scars of the Boundary War heal, resentment and hostilities continue to simmer, casting a heavy shadow of oppression upon the Japanese populace. Amidst this turbulent backdrop, we encounter Amou Shiiba, a 16-year-old orphan. In the shadows, he diligently resurrects a forgotten remnant of power, a legendary humanoid mecha weapon christened Kenbu. Fate intervenes when Amou serendipitously crosses paths with Gai, a sentient AI yearning for a new lease on existence. Bound by a shared purpose and a mutual hunger for emancipation, they embark on an odyssey that thrusts them into the eye of a brewing storm. However, the pursuit of justice comes at a great cost. Accused of heinous acts and branded a terrorist, Amou finds himself cast aside by a society that fails to recognize his struggle. Yet, undeterred by this grave injustice, Amou refuses to surrender to the chains of oppression. Instead, he embraces his newfound role as a catalyst of change, thrusting himself into a crucible of adversity where vibrant alliances and fierce battles await. Venturing through a landscape teeming with turmoil, Amou's quest evolves from a personal endeavor for tranquility into a passionate crusade for the liberation of his fellow countrymen. Will he overcome insurmountable odds, write a new chapter of hope, and topple the shackles of oppression that bind the Japanese people? Only time will reveal the destiny that ignites within this indomitable warrior's heart.