Mashiro no Oto Songs Lyrics

Those Snow White Notes | ましろのおと
Mashiro no Oto Songs Lyrics


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Mashiro no Oto Songs
Mashiro no Oto Opening Lyrics Those Snow White Notes | ましろのおと Opening Lyrics
Mashiro no Oto Ending Lyrics Those Snow White Notes | ましろのおと Ending Lyrics

Anime Information

Title:Mashiro no Oto

Also Called:Those Snow White Notes | ましろのおと


Released on year:2011

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:12


In the wake of his grandfather's passing, Setsu Sawamura embarks on a daring venture, leaving behind his sleepy hometown to pursue a future of musical artistry. His grandfather, the renowned shamisen master Matsugorou Sawamura, imparts his final wisdom to an anguished Setsu, urging him to forsake imitation and instead forge his own path with the shamisen. Driven by this profound directive, Setsu journeys to the bustling streets of Tokyo, seeking solace and inspiration within the vibrant cityscape. Yet, Tokyo proves to be a cacophony of clamor, drowning out Setsu's longing for musical expression. Worried about her son's well-being, Setsu's affluent and accomplished mother, Umeko, reenters the picture to guide him along a different trajectory. She compels Setsu to enroll at Umezono Academy, a prestigious institution renowned for embracing the arts. It is here that he encounters the enchanting Shuri Maeda, an ardent admirer of the Tsugaru shamisen, who harbors an unyielding desire to recreate a profoundly moving melody her grandmother once savored in her youth. Driven by her fervor, Shuri initiates a captivating shamisen appreciation club, beseeching Setsu to share his prodigious skills with the group. As Setsu delves deeper into his musical journey alongside the club members, will he unearth the true essence of his craft, rekindle his passion for the shamisen, and ultimately discover the elusive, inimitable sound that eludes him?