Tales from Earthsea Songs Lyrics

Gedo Senki | Ged Senki | Tales of Ged | Ged's War Chronicles | ゲド戦記
Tales from Earthsea Songs Lyrics


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Tales from Earthsea Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Tales from Earthsea

Also Called:Gedo Senki | Ged Senki | Tales of Ged | Ged's War Chronicles | ゲド戦記


Released on year:2007

Released in:Fall

Num Episodes:26


Mysteries shroud the enchanting realm of Earthsea while majestic dragons clash amidst the clouds—a spectacle never witnessed before. Enter Sparrowhawk, a formidable Archmage driven by an insatiable curiosity to uncover the bewildering truth behind these calamitous upheavals. Along his path, he crosses paths with Prince Arren, a seemingly anguished and enigmatic heir to the Kingdom of Enlad. Driven by a desperate need to evade a haunting darkness, Arren impulsively chooses to embark on this treacherous journey alongside Sparrowhawk. Amidst their ventures, an unexpected encounter awaits the duo in the idyllic coastal village of Hort Town. Lord Cob, a malevolent conjurer with a terrifying obsession for eternal life, emerges as a formidable obstacle. Determined to face this looming menace, Sparrowhawk and Arren forge an alliance with Tenar, an old comrade of Sparrowhawk, and Therru, a forsaken orphan girl under her care. But the crafty adversary's manipulative prowess, skillfully toying with emotions, threatens to plunge the young prince into perilous depths. Drawing us into a realm teeming with enchantment, Ged Senki transcends the conventional battle between good and evil, delving deep into the intricate labyrinth of human emotions and inner conflicts. Brace yourself for an extraordinary voyage through a fantastical world, where courage is tested, alliances are forged, and the heart is subjected to the most formidable trials.


Ged Senki stands as a captivating adaptation, drawing inspiration from Ursula Le Guin's monumental Earthsea series. Notably, this masterful creation also serves as the remarkable directorial debut of Gorou Miyazaki, inheritor of the acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki's legacy. The film's triumph was vividly evident upon its release, swiftly soaring to the coveted number one spot at the Japanese Box Office, amassing a staggering gross of 7.7 million dollars during its opening week. Its sheer brilliance resonated across the industry, garnering nominations for prestigious accolades such as the Japan Academy Prize for Animation of the Year, as well as earning recognition for the exquisite compositions of the talented Tamiya Terashima at the esteemed Asian Film Awards. Additionally, it triumphed as the recipient of the revered Raspberry Award (Bunshun Kiichigo Awards) in 2007. The film's captivating original score even garnered a nomination at the esteemed International Film Music Critics Award for Best Original Score for an Animated Film in 2008. It further secured its place of honor in the coveted "Out of competition" section at the illustrious 63rd Venice Film Festival.