Weiss Kreuz Epitaph Lyrics


aozameta yoake no naka de
furisosogu kanashii ryuushi
hito wa minna akumu ni yotte
gensou mo yogen mo nai

*shizuka ni nemutta anata no kizuato
inori no kotoba de iyasou
sekihi ni kizanda kotoba wo nando mo
kurikaesu shi ga hoshi ni nari
asahi ni kiete iku

unmei no tobira wo mamori
kanashimi no tane wo katte mo
konran ni jidai wa michite
dare hitori hokorenai yo

futatabi deatte waraiaeru hi wo
torimodoseru sa to tsubuyaku
keredo mo naze darou namida ga afurete
tomerarenai mama hoshi ni nari
sorezore wakare yuku



In the pale dawn,
Sad drops pour down
People are all drunk on nightmares
Without illusions or premonitions

*As you sleep quietly, I'll heal your
With words of prayer
The ever-repeating words of the poem
Carved on the stone become a star
Which disappears in the morning light

Even if I guard the door of destiny
And cut the seedling of sadness
Time will fill with chaos
And not one person will have pride

"We can take back once more
The days when we'll meet and smile at
each other," I whisper
But then why are my tears overflowing
Without stopping, becoming stars
That part and go their own ways?



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Weiss Kreuz - Epitaph Lyrics - Information

Title: Epitaph
Anime: Weiss Kreuz
Type of Song:Other

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Weiss Kreuz - Epitaph Lyrics belongs to the anime Weiss Kreuz Lyrics, take a look at the argument:

Aya, Yoji, Ken, and Omi are the four young men comprising Weiss Kruez (WK), a squad of assassins that removes all threats to society. Each member has its own combat-style trademark. Aya is an expert at fighting a katana, Yoji has perfected the art of strangulation by loops, Ken is deadly with his metal claws, while Omi is skilled in a wide variety of projectiles. The WK is sent under the order of a mysterious man known only as "Persia," to care for drug gangs, militant groups, and the like. But as things go on, they find that most, if not all, of the negative elements they've dealt with are related to the Takatori family in some way.

The Takatori family is wealthy, strong, and influential. It seems the WK will have to put an end to one of the most prominent clans in Japan if the issue is to be nipped in the bud..

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About Weiss Kreuz

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Weiß Kreuz ( Japanese: ヴァイスクロイツ, Hepburn: Vaisu Kuroitsu, literally German for "White Cross", written "weißes Kreuz" or "Weißkreuz" in German ) is a show about four assassins working in a "Kitty in the Building" flower store. The assassins are part of a organization named Weiß ( white ), run by the enigmatic Kritiker organisation, Persia.The Weiß Kreuz franchise contains two anime seasons and an OVA series, a light novel, two manga series, and a few drama CDs. The main characters' four voice actors-Takehito Koyasu, Hiro Yūki, Shin-ichiro Miki, Tomokazu Seki-formed a band called "Weiß;" they released several CDs and singles.
In North America Media Blasters published the anime as Knight Hunters: Weiß Kreuz.


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