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22/7 Sora no Emerald 22/7 Ending Theme Lyrics

Sora no Emerald Lyrics

From the Anime22/7 Nanabun no Nijyuuni | ナナブンノニジュウニ

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Nandome no ikidomari o hikikaese ba Ä«
Bokutachi no michi wa doko ni aru no darō
Sugu soko ni mieteta hazu no jibun no
yume ga
Konna ni mo tōku hanareteta nante

Jitabata shitetara atto yū ma ni
Kakaeru nimotsu ni unzari shinagara otona
ni natteta

Sora no emerarudo nan o tsutaetai to yū
no ka
Yoake ga chikazuita chiheisen yo
Kumo no kirema ni afureru midori no
kagayaki wa
Kibō to yobu ni wa hakanai kyō rashī
It' s coming

[Full Version Continous]

Sakki made kirameiteita kanata no hoshi ga
Genjitsu no kaze ni fukikesareru you ni...

Akirameraretara donna ni raku ka
Yaranakya ikenai wakatteitatte
Nagedashitaku naru

Konna utsukushii toki no guradeeshon
miteru ka?
Atarashii mirai no kyoukaisen
Iki wo suru no wo wasurete shimau kurai ni
Kawari yuku sora ni kokoro wo furuwaseta

Asahi wa nani wo terasu no?
Kanousei to ikiru chikara
Koko kara hajimarun da mabushii ichinichi
Yume wo migakeba itsu no hi ka jueru

Sora no Emerald nani wo tsutaetai to iu
no ka?
Yoake ga chikazuita chiheisen yo
Kumo no kirema ni afureru midori no
kagayaki wa
Kibou to yobu ni wa hakanai kyou rashii
It's coming

Like emeralds...


How many times do I need to return to the
dead end?
Where's our path?
I saw my dream right there
But I didn't realize how far away from me
it was

While I was struggling, I grew up in athe
blink of time
With so many baggage that drags me down

Emerald in the sky, what is it trying to
tell me?
The horizon before the dawn
A green spark that overflows from between
the clouds
You can't quite call it hope, like today
It's coming



じたばたしてたら あっという間に
抱える荷物に うんざりしながら 大人になってた

空のエメラルド 何を伝えたいというのか
雲の切れ間に 溢れる緑の輝きは
希望と呼ぶには儚い 今日らしい
It's coming



諦められたら どんなに楽か
やらなきゃいけない わかっていたって


ここから始まるんだ 眩しい一日が...
夢を磨けばいつの日か ジュエル

空のエメラルド 何を伝えたいと言うのか?
It's coming

Like emeralds...

22/7 Sora no Emerald Lyrics - Information

Title:Sora no Emerald


Type of Song:Ending

Appears in:Ending Theme

Performed by:22/7

Arranged by:Takahiro Furukawa, 古川貴浩

Lyrics by:Yasushi Akimoto, 秋元康

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Sora no Emerald Lyrics - 22/7
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Sora no Emerald Lyrics - 22/7 belongs to the anime 22/7, take a look at the argument:

Miu Takigawa, an observer of the world, silently studies life through the sanctuary of her sweeping bangs. Preferring the solace of blending in, she gracefully navigates through existence, rarely drawing notice from others. With a reserved nature and timidity setting the boundaries of her interactions, Miu finds herself grappling to engage with customers even through a hesitant smile at her part-time job. However, her unwavering commitment to support her beloved family - her mother and precious little sister, Haru - drives her to persevere. A stunning revelation shatters the tranquility of Miu's existence when an unexpected letter arrives. The missive is no ordinary correspondence; it emanates from the esteemed entertainment conglomerate, GIP. Its contents unveil a mind-boggling announcement: Miu has been chosen as a contender for their highly anticipated new project. With cautious optimism and a flicker of curiosity burning within, Miu embraces the invitation and ventures forth towards the designated meeting place. Little does she know that this rendezvous will bring together an ensemble cast of exceptional candidates, each one summoned like her by an enigmatic letter. A parade of unique personalities converges, adding a vibrant tapestry of eccentricity to the gathering. Effortlessly, Miu becomes ensconced in this captivating symphony of talent and is guided by a diligent manager to a clandestine, opulent facility. It is here that the captivating allure of their journey is unraveled: they must dutifully comply with the cryptic directives of "The Wall." Its commandments are unyielding, leaving no room for negotiation. Mark the calendar: December 24th, 2016, a date destined to be forever etched in the annals of musical history. On this momentous occasion, the extraordinary idol group known as 22/7 shall burst forth into existence, regardless of the candidates' readiness to embrace the spotlight. Brace yourselves as an enchanting era of entertainment is about to unfold.

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