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From the Anime22/7 Nanabun no Nijyuuni | ナナブンノニジュウニ

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"otonatachi wa kantan ni yū kedo
Watashi ni totte no kibō tte doko ni aru

Togireru koto no nai kuruma no ōrai ni
Kokudō watarenakatta
Dare ka no kotoba to ka tsumetai
manazashi ni
Kokoro ga ishuku suru you ni

Yume nanka o mite itatte
Kizutsuku dake da to mi ni shimita

"jibun ga doko ni iru no ka wakaranai
Nanimo mienai sekai de tohō ni kurete iru"
"docchi ni mukatte susume ba Ä« no?"
"mō doko e mo arukitaku nai"

Nei dō shite (hito wa) ikite
ikanakyaikenai no? (oshiete)
Inochi tte (inochi tte) nan no tame ni
aru no?
Jishin ga nai (watashi) kore kara dō
ikire ba Ä«? (kodoku yo)
Da tte jinsei ga naga sugiru

"muzui yo"

[Full Version Continues]

Kyōshitsu no kāten morashita tameiki ni
Nan do mo fukurami shibomu
Tsumaranai jugyō mo tada no kurasumeito mo
Nanni mo kyōmi ga motenai

Nichijō kara nigedasu ni wa
Hito-tsu shika hōhō ga nakatta

"yasashī kotoba nanka kakenaide kanawanai
yume bakari mite shimau kara
Hakkiri itte hoshī subete wa gensō na n
da to"

Nei dō shite (hito wa) shinitakunaccha
ikenai no? (oshiete)
Dare da tte (dare da tte) kangaerudeshō?
Watashi nante (kitto) kono mama inakunare
ba Ä« (sayonara)
Nan o shinjite ikiru no darō

Naritakatta jibun mo narenakatta jibun mo
Mado garasu ni utsuttanaite iru jibun mo
zenbu jibun da

Hito wa dare de mo kawareru tte
Yume nanka misenaide yo
"akirameta hō ga raku da shi... gomen"

Nei dō shite (hito wa) ikite
ikanakyaikenai no? (oshiete)
Inochi tte (inochi tte) nan no tame ni
aru no?
Jishin ga nai (watashi) kore kara dō
ikire ba Ä«? (kodoku yo)
Da tte jinsei ga naga sugiru
"muzui yo"


"Adults say so easily, but where's our hope?"

I couldn't cross the road
Where cars never stop coming
Someone's words or mean looks
I felt like my heart started to shrink

I learned that dreaming is nothing but pain

"I don't know where I am. I am so lost
In the world where I can't see anything"
"Which way should I go?"
"I don't want to walk anymore"

Why do we need to keep living?
What's this life for?
I don't have any confidence, how should I live?
Life is too long

"It's too hard"

[Full Version Continues]

The classroom curtains swell and fall
As I let a sigh slip out
Boring lessons and ordinary classmates
I have no interest in any of it

There was only one way
To escape from this everyday life

"Don't impose your kind words on me"
"If my dreams won't come true"
"I wish you'd plainly tell me that this is all a fantasy,"

Hey, why shouldn't people want to die? (Tell me)
Hasn't everyone considered it?
The way I am, I'm sure you'd be better off without me (farewell)
What should I believe in to go on living?

The self I wanted to be, the self I couldn't be
And the crying self reflected in the windowpane, they're all me

Don't give me the dream
That anyone can change themselves
"It's easier just to give up, sorry,"

Hey, why do people have to keep living? (Tell me)
What is the meaning of life?
How should I live when I have no confidence in myself? (It's so lonely)
I mean, life is just so long.
"It's too hard"



途切れることのない 車の往来に
誰かの言葉とか 冷たい眼差しに



ねえどうして (人は)
生きていかなきゃいけないの? (教えて)
命って (命って) 何のためにあるの?
自信がない (私) これからどう生きればいい?



教室のカーテン 漏らしたため息に


はっきり言って欲しい すべては幻想なんだと」

死にたくなっちゃいけないの? (教えて)
誰だって (誰だって) 考えるでしょう?
私なんて (きっと) このままいなくなればいい

なりたかった自分も なれなかった自分も
窓ガラスに映った泣いている自分も 全部自分だ


ねえどうして (人は)
生きていかなきゃいけないの? (教えて)
命って (命って) 何のためにあるの?
自信がない (私) これからどう生きればいい?

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Type of Song:Opening

Appears in:Opening Theme

Performed by:22/7

Arranged by:Koji Goto, 後藤 康二

Lyrics by:Yasushi Akimoto, 秋元康

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Muzui Lyrics - 22/7
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Muzui Lyrics - 22/7 belongs to the anime 22/7, take a look at the argument:

Miu Takigawa, an observer of the world, silently studies life through the sanctuary of her sweeping bangs. Preferring the solace of blending in, she gracefully navigates through existence, rarely drawing notice from others. With a reserved nature and timidity setting the boundaries of her interactions, Miu finds herself grappling to engage with customers even through a hesitant smile at her part-time job. However, her unwavering commitment to support her beloved family - her mother and precious little sister, Haru - drives her to persevere. A stunning revelation shatters the tranquility of Miu's existence when an unexpected letter arrives. The missive is no ordinary correspondence; it emanates from the esteemed entertainment conglomerate, GIP. Its contents unveil a mind-boggling announcement: Miu has been chosen as a contender for their highly anticipated new project. With cautious optimism and a flicker of curiosity burning within, Miu embraces the invitation and ventures forth towards the designated meeting place. Little does she know that this rendezvous will bring together an ensemble cast of exceptional candidates, each one summoned like her by an enigmatic letter. A parade of unique personalities converges, adding a vibrant tapestry of eccentricity to the gathering. Effortlessly, Miu becomes ensconced in this captivating symphony of talent and is guided by a diligent manager to a clandestine, opulent facility. It is here that the captivating allure of their journey is unraveled: they must dutifully comply with the cryptic directives of "The Wall." Its commandments are unyielding, leaving no room for negotiation. Mark the calendar: December 24th, 2016, a date destined to be forever etched in the annals of musical history. On this momentous occasion, the extraordinary idol group known as 22/7 shall burst forth into existence, regardless of the candidates' readiness to embrace the spotlight. Brace yourselves as an enchanting era of entertainment is about to unfold.

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