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hirari hirari to hane wo sotto yurasu
kaze no yukue doko made tooku e

dare mo shiranai toki no naka de ikiru
sore wa hito wo kodoku ni shite yuku

wazuka na nakama to tsukuriageta ibasho
kono ryoute tayasui hodo ni
aa kowashita no

kuzurete'ku yume ni okizari no
chiisaku osanai watashi no furuete'ru
kokoro ga
kitto matte iru
itsu no hi ka tachiagaru koto wo
kaze ga fuku toki wo matte iru

tsumi no ishiki ni oshitsubusaresou na
fukai yoru wo kazoete sugoshita

kusunda iro shita shikai ni sasu hikari
mabushikute demo kanau nara
aa mou ichido

tatakaeru hitori ja nai kara
kikoeru darou ka watashi no furuitatsu
kokoro ga
hateshinaku takaku
kono sekai kagayaite'ta koto wo omoidasu
kaze wa doko made mo kagiri naku

subete kizutsukeru te de mo mamoreru
mono ga aru
sou watashi ni oshiete kureta
yami wo kirisaku tsubasa de arata na
kaze ga fukeba
yoru ga akeru

toki ga ugokidasu tatakau yo
kanjite iru kara watashi no atsuku naru
kodou wo
hateshinaku takaku
kono sekai kagayaite'ta koto wo omoidasu

tatakaeru hitori ja nai kara
kikoeru darou ka watashi no furuitatsu
kokoro ga
hateshinaku takaku
kono sekai kagayakitsuzukeru eien ni
kaze wa doko made mo kagiri naku


As I gently and lightly flap my wings,
the wind takes me far and beyond.

I live in a time unknown to anyone.
This would make anyone feel lonely.

Even the place where I made a few friends
was easily shattered,
ah, by my two hands.

Forsaken in a crumbling dream,
as my small and youthful self trembles,
my heart is undoubtedly waiting with
It believes that one day I will stand up
It's waiting for the time when the wind
will blow.

I spent countless nights
feeling crushed by my sense of sinful

The light shining into my teary eyes
is too bright, but if possible,
ah, just once more...

I am not the only person capable of
Can you hear my excited heart?
As I recall the time when I was shining
at the endlessly tall summit of this
the wind takes me anywhere without

Even hands that harm all will have
things to protect;
you taught me so.
As my wings cleave the darkness, when a
new wind blows,
the dawn will break.

The time is in motion again. I will
for I can feel my burning heartbeats.
I will recall the time when I was shining
at the endlessly tall summit of this

I am not the only person capable of
Can you hear my excited heart?
Forever I will keep shining
at the endlessly tall summit of this
and the wind will take me anywhere
without limits.


ひらり ひらりと羽をそっと揺らす
風の行方 どこまで遠くへ


この両手 たやすいほどに
ああ 壊したの

小さく幼い 私の震えてる心が


まぶしくて でも叶うなら
ああ もう一度

聞こえるだろうか 私の奮い立つ心が
この世界 輝いてたこと思いだす


時間(とき)が動きだす 戦うよ
感じているから 私の熱くなる鼓動を
この世界 輝いてたこと思いだす

聞こえるだろうか 私の奮い立つ心が
この世界 輝き続ける 永遠に

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AnimeAccel World

Type of Song:Other

Appears in:Image Song

Performed by:Sachika Misawa

Lyrics by:Aki Misawa

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sympathia Lyrics - Accel World
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In the vast realm of online gaming, where solace often replaces the burdens of reality, Haruyuki Arita navigates a troubled existence. Tormented by bullies and burdened by his weight, he seeks solace in the digital realm. But fate, in its fickle nature, delivers an unexpected twist to Haruyuki's monotonous existence. One fateful day, Haruyuki's high scores on his favorite online games are abruptly usurped by none other than Kuroyukihime herself—the esteemed vice president of the student council. An invitation to the enigmatic student lounge follows, irrevocably altering his path forever. It is within these hallowed walls that Haruyuki's eyes are opened to a mind-bending reality, hidden beneath the surface of the virtual world. Enter the astonishing program known as "Brain Burst"—an unparalleled phenomenon that propels one's brainwaves to a breathtaking acceleration. Time itself seemingly bends at the command of those who possess this extraordinary power. But Brain Burst is more than just a game; it serves as an augmented reality arena, entwining the players in a fierce battle for dominance. However, the stakes go beyond mere victory or defeat. For those unfortunate souls who exhaust their points, a dire consequence awaits: a permanent banishment from Brain Burst's boundless realms. Haruyuki, unwilling to accept defeat and inspired by Kuroyukihime's determination, resolves to aid her in unraveling the enigma behind this virtual wonderland. But the path to unraveling the mysteries of Brain Burst is fraught with peril and obstacle. Their quest demands the defeat of the formidable "Six Kings of Pure Color," revered leaders of powerful factions within the game. To unveil the secret of Brain Burst's origins, Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime must ascend to the pinnacle of level 10—an unparalleled accomplishment, intentionally shrouded in obscurity. As the pair embarks on this extraordinary journey, they forge an unbreakable bond, ignited by Kuroyukihime's unwavering support in Haruyuki's battle against his tormentors. Sustained by mutual determination, their destinies intertwine, and a relentless pursuit of greatness commences. Brace yourself as Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime's dauntless spirit kindles a fiery passion within, propelling them relentlessly towards the apex. In this relentless endeavor, they strive not only to conquer the virtual realm but to conquer their inner demons as well. Join them as they traverse the treacherous pathways of power, friendship, and self-discovery to ultimately transcend the boundaries of the gaming world.

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Accel World gracefully brings to life the enchanting narrative from Reki Kawahara's acclaimed light novel series. With a refined touch, it masterfully adapts not only the first four novels of the same title but also seamlessly incorporates captivating elements from the tenth novel. Prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey as Accel World enthralls you with its immersive storytelling and captivating characters.

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