Terra Formars: Revenge Songs Lyrics

Terra Formars Season 2
Terra Formars: Revenge Songs Lyrics


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Terra Formars: Revenge Songs
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Anime Information

Title:Terra Formars: Revenge

Also Called:Terra Formars Season 2


Released on year:2017

Released in:Winter

Num Episodes:12


In the thrilling sequel, Terra Formars Revenge, the brave crew members of Annex I persist in their valiant struggle against the formidable Terraformars. These colossal humanoid cockroaches, born from a long-forgotten Mars expedition, pose an insidious threat to humanity. Yet, as our heroes dive deeper into the heart of the conflict, they uncover a disturbing truth: clandestine factions within their midst, pursuing their own nations' interests. Thus, this relentless fight for survival escalates, not only against the lethal Terraformars but also among the warring squadrons vying for global supremacy. Prepare for an intense battle where lives hang in the balance and the stakes have never been higher.